engineered hardwood

There are so many different engineered flooring options to choose from. Please visit our showroom to see our extensive selection. Our sales and design team will help you understand the differences, and assist you in choosing the right floor for your project.

ENGINEERED HARDWOOD FLOORS are extremely stable and have the ability to handle ranges in humidity. Two layers make up each engineered hardwood board - the top layer, which is made from real wood, and the core layer, which is made from stacked layers of high density fiberboard or plywood. This cross-ply construction is what gives engineered wood floors their dimensional stability, making it less vulnerable to moisture. The more core layers there are, the greater the stability. Each of the product lines that we carry is unique, but below we have listed a few general characteristics of engineered hardwood flooring.

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  • the top layer is cut from a variety of North American hardwoods as well as many exotic wood species
  • ranges in thickness from 1/4" to 9/16", and from 2 1/4" to 10" in width, with random lengths. 
  • available in single plank, wide plank, two-strip and three-strip
  • multiple layers of durable aluminum or titanium oxide, UV cured urethane and acrylic finishes are factory applied  
  • perfect for below grade installations, over concrete subfloors and radiant heating systems
  • Floating Floors have a glueless tongue and groove locking system that allows for a faster completion time, and you can take up the boards at a later date
  • depending on the thickness of the top layer (or wear layer), some engineered floors can be refinished.
  • used in conjunction with our sound barrier systems is a perfect application for apartments or condominiums



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