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Bona's industry-leading waterborne finishes and sealers are VOC-compliant and are GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality. Providing the highest quality, cleanest finishing process available, Bona protects your health and the environment, while assuring the ultimate in durability and beauty for hardwood floors. Below is an overview of the products we use to finish both residential and commercial floors.

Bona Traffic

  • waterborne commercial & residential finish
  • designed specifically for demands of heavy-traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors
  • advanced formula provides the ultimate in durability
  • available in Commercial Gloss, Commercial Satin and Commercial Semi-Gloss

Bona Traffic Anti-Slip Satin

  • a 2-component waterborne finish offering exceptional durability and protection for hardwood floors
  • has all the features of Bona Traffic but with the additional benefit of being formulated to meet the highest standards for slip resistance.
  • with its higher coefficient of friction, it is an ideal choice for stairs, nurseries, kitchens and similar locations
  • GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality
  • available in Satin

Bona Naturale

  • waterborne commercial & residential finish
  • preserves the true natural look of hardwood floors
  • elegant look and noticeable unique feeling underfoot
  • superb durability, and because of its natural look, scratch marks are less visible
  • available in Commercial Matte finish

Bona Novia

  • waterborne residential hardwood floor finish
  • numerous application options make it the easiest to use waterborne finish on the market
  • when used with Bona AmberSeal, it is a dependable alternative to any oil-based system
  • available in Gloss, Satin and Semi-gloss

Bona Mega

  • waterborne residential and commercial finish
  • is an oxygen-crosslinkng polyurethane waterborne formula with extraordinary performance
  • available in Gloss, Satin and Semi-Gloss


Okanagan Hardwood Finishing Products

Bona Mega Booster

  • newest innovation to the Bona waterborne finish family
  • a performance enhancing additive for Bona Mega that promotes increased durability, chemical resistance and adhesion
  • when combined with Bona Mega, it is ideal for prolonging the life and enhancing the beauty of residential and commercial wood floors

Bona DTS

  • a Deep Tone Sealer that is a specifically formulated waterborne sanding sealer that develops a vibrant look and deep, natural tone to individual wood species
  • the unique "wet look" appearance accentuates the natural pigmentation and colour characteristics of the wood.


  • specially formulated waterborne sealer for use with all Bona waterborne finishes
  • exceptionally clear formula highlights the natural colour of the wood
  • provides a build layer and prevents the finish from penetrating into the wood surface

Bona Amberseal

  • non-yellowing, poly-tone waterborne sanding sealer
  • provides an oil-based look to hardwood floors
  • can be used with all Bona waterborne finishes, over both stained and unstained floors. 
  • excellent abradability and fast drying times

Bona DriFast Stain

  • a high performance, fast drying stain
  • compatible with all Bona waterborne systems and all other Bona finish systems
  • available in 14 beautiful wood tones and white



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