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One of the greatest benefits of having a hardwood floor is the ability to restore it to its original beauty.  Normal everyday living can take its toll and after a few years you may notice that your hardwood floors have become dull and lifeless. Call us for a free estimate - we will come to your home and determine the best way to restore your floor.  Sometimes a simple screen sand and coat will do the job - other times the damage is more extensive and the hardwood will require a full resand and finish.  An Okanagan Hardwood refinishing project includes:

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  • OUR BONA DUST CONTAINMENT SYSTEM - which removes up to 98% of the airborne dust generated by the sanding process and transports it to an outside DCS trailer.  Greenguard-certified for indoor air quality.
  • OUR EXPERT SANDING TECHNICIANS - we make sure that only as much wood as is necessary is sanded off.  This will ensure that you will have a beautifully smooth floor, and still be able to maximize the number of times your floor can be refinished.
  • OUR GREENGUARD-CERTIFIED Bona finishes are environmentally friendly and durable.  Available in all sheen levels - you can choose from satin, semi-gloss, gloss and anti-slip.  We also carry commercial grade finishes that may suit your lifestyle.
  • OUR CUSTOM STAINS - once all of the old finish is removed from your floor you may want to try something new - when we visit your home for a free estimate, ask us if this option is right for you.





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