solid hardwood flooring

Solid Site Finished Hardwood

Finished on-site, unfinished solid hardwood flooring offers the most flexibility and customization with a wide choice of wood species, widths and lengths. In addition, many wood species can be stained prior to finishing. Available in a variety of North American wood species as well as exotic hardwoods from around the world - the choices are endless. Unfinished flooring allows for more creativity - inlays, borders and medallions can be incorporated, as well as flush-mount air vents, giving you a "one of a kind" floor.


  • 100% solid wood from top to bottom; 3/4" thick
  • installed, sanded and finished on site
  • nailed or stapled over a wood subfloor
  • installation on or above ground
  • many species can be stained prior to finishing
  • variety of finishes available - satin, semi-gloss, gloss and more
  • acclimation of wood prior to installation is required
  • sand and refinish 3 to 5 times over the life of the floor
  • easy maintenance
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Solid Prefinished Hardwood

Prefinished solid hardwood flooring is a ready-to-install product that has already been sanded, stained and finished with multiple coats of protective coating. The finish is applied at the factory, in a controlled environment for long lasting results.


  • 100% solid wood, ranging from 3/8" to 3/4" thick
  • nailed, stapled or glued over a wood subfloor
  • domestic and exotic species available
  • extremely durable finishes - multiple coats of acrylic, urethane, aluminum or titanium oxide and UV cured are the most common.
  • wide variety of colours and textures, including hand scraped
  • acclimation of wood prior to installation is required
  • easy maintenance
  • sand and refinish possible on most products over the life of the floor
  • some manufacturers produce a pre-sanded solid hardwood floor, that can be finished on site.



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