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Anti-slip Finish
A finish that offers a higher coefficient of friction providing slip resistance on stairs, ramps and any area needing slip protection.

Bona Atomic Trailer
Innovative concept of the trailer-mounted Bona Atomic Dust Containment System has a gas-powered engine outside of the customer’s home to significantly increase airflow.  The sanding dust is sucked straight out of the sander through a hose and transferred outside into the dust collection unit in the trailer.  Eliminates over 98% of the airborne dust generated by the sanding process.  Provides for healthier working conditions and reduces the amount of clean-up after refinishing.  Greenguard certified.

Colour Change
Visual changes in the colour of the wood species caused by exposure to light, deprivation of light and air, or some chemical reaction.

The ability of the wood species or finish to withstand the conditions or destructive agents with which it comes in contact in actual usage, without an appreciable change in appearance or other important properties.

Dust Containment Systems
From trailers to portable units and vacuum systems, dust containment systems are designed to transport any of the dust generated from floor finishing into units via hoses, preventing airborne dust.

Wood filler is used to fill and camouflage small holes and gaps in a floor.  Trowel filling is the spreading of large quantities of filler over the entire area of a floor, allowing it to dry hard and then sanding off everything that doesn’t fill a void.

Greenguard Certification
Ensures that a product has met some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of VOC’s into indoor air.  This leads to the creation of healthier indoor environments.  Underwriters Laboratories, or UL, conducts stringent tests on all types of flooring products and finishing equipment to make sure they meet the standards set forth in their Greenguard Certification Program.

Oil-base polyurethane
Finishes that impart an amber glow to the wood, enhancing its natural colour. Requires longer drying times between coats, lengthening the time needed to complete a refinishing job.

Slows the drying or curing process of waterborne finishes, allowing for more open time in very hot or dry climates.

Seals the wood, preventing the finish from penetrating. Improves the flow and leveling of finish coats.

The sheen measures how shiny your floor’s finish is.  The luster level is determined by how much light is reflected off the floor from a 60-degree angle.  The glossier the finish, the more light is reflected off of the floor.  Satin finish has a bit of sheen to it, but doesn’t look too glossy – it has about a 40% luster.  Matte finish has very little sheen and is described as a “flat” finish – it has around 25% luster.  Semi-gloss is a shinier finish with about 55% luster.  And glossy finish, which is very shiny, has about 70% luster.

Our Bona DriFast Stains are quick drying and high performance.  Available is a variety of colours from chocolaty black to white and everything in between.  Compatible with all Bona waterborne systems and finishes.

Volatile Organic Compounds.  These are carbon-based chemical compounds that vaporize under high pressure.  When choosing flooring products and finishes, look for VOC compliant or low-VOC choices.

Water-base polyurethane
Finishes that provide a clear finish to the wood, and have low odour.  Generally recoating can be down within two hours of the first application, and the tools can be cleaned up with water.