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Vinyl | Before You Buy

At Okanagan Hardwood Flooring, we want you to be sure that you are choosing the right product for your home.  Before you decide on whether vinyl is right for you, or which type to buy, consider the following:

  • Vinyl is a popular choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and family rooms as it is highly resistant to moisture, mold and mildew.  Some vinyl manufacturers guarantee a 100% waterproof product.
  • Ease of installation, particularly with the floating or “click” styles of vinyl tiles and planks.
  • Realistic wood, tile and stone looks available.  Some tiles have the option of grouting, making it even more like a ceramic tile or natural stone floor.
  • Some Solid Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Tile products, depending on the type and manufacturer, have the added benefit of being able to replace an individual tile or plank if necessary.
  • Vinyl is softer and quieter underfoot than many flooring products, and certain vinyl products are enhanced with acoustical cork, adding warmth and an exceptional sound barrier.
  • Price advantage – flexibility for your budget depending on which vinyl product you choose. 
  • Available in a wide variety of style, finishes, colours, textures and sizes.

Please feel free to ask questions when you visit our showroom – our knowledgeable sales staff is there to help, and our years of experience will help you in your decision as to which flooring product is the right one for you.