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Carpet | Styles

At Okanagan Hardwood Flooring, we know that choosing the ideal carpet style is all about knowing the right combination of aesthetics, performance and budget that meets the needs of your lifestyle.

There are six basic styles of carpet:






Cut and Loop
  • Textured - Casual and affordable.
    A very popular style, this cut pile carpet with alternating twists of yarn creating a two-toned appearance.  Hides footprints and vacuum marks well.  Creates a casual atmosphere, ideal for all areas of the home.
  • Saxony - Elegant and plush.
    Saxony, or plush, creates a more formal, traditional and elegant look.  Saxony has a smooth, soft, velvet and plush look with a luxurious feel.  The yarn has a uniform twist and finish, and is a perfect choice for a master bedroom, dining room or formal living room.  It does show footprints and vacuum marks, so it is not a good choice for high traffic areas or rooms with active kids or pets.
  • Frieze – Durable yet stylish.
    For high traffic, or active areas of your home, this is your best choice.  A cut pile style, with a high twist level, each strand of yarn is twisted so tightly that it curls over at the end.  Frieze has a knobby appearance, so it hides footprints and vacuum marks well.  A very durable choice, it can go anywhere in your home, and is available in various pile heights.  Carpets with longer pile are known as “shag piles”.
  • Cable – Beautiful and comfortable.
    Cable carpet is constructed of thicker, typically longer yarn and is very comfortable underfoot.  It is a beautiful choice in a bedroom or living room as it is not suited to rooms without a lot of activity.  Cable carpet can matte or crush with heavy foot traffic, so it is not recommended for stairs or hallways.
  • Looped – Excellent in high traffic areas.
    Looped carpet is often referred to as a Berber, and is made from big, bulky yards produced in a level loop or multi-level loop.  Made from olefin fiber, wool, nylon or a blend of various fibres, they are available in a range of distinctive patterns created by combining higher and lower loops. Durable in high traffic areas, but care must be taken in rooms with active children and pets.  Children’s toys and pets’ claws can cause snags or pulls in your carpet.
  • Cut & Loop – Trendy patterns and nice textures
    Suited to low to moderate amounts of traffic, such as dens and bedrooms.  Heavier traffic will cause a worn out appearance; not suitable for hallways and stairs.  The advantage of cut & loop is the ability to create interesting square or diamond shaped patterns, waves and pin dot styles.  Lends itself well to modern design.