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Cork | Introduction

Cork flooring is a natural and beautiful flooring product, with many added benefits not found in other flooring products:

  • Renewable, environmentally friendly – cork harvesting does not harm the tree, it is never cut down.  The Cork Oak tree can regenerate its bark after being harvested.
  • A natural acoustic insulator – cork consists of irregularly shaped air filled cells.  Together, these cells offer a remarkable insulating medium as well as being very light weight.  In cork flooring, this characteristic allows it to absorb sounds and vibrations.
  • A thermal insulator – cork retains heat, providing a natural thermal insulation.
  • Resistant to impact – cork adapts to pressure easily because of its elasticity, and this compressibility makes it a durable flooring choice.
  • A healthy choice – walking on cork flooring is shown to reduce tension in the feet, legs and back due to its flexibility and balance between being a hard yet soft flooring surface.
  • Unique patterns – because of the interesting colours and natural formation of cork flooring, it has a distinct look which is refreshingly different than that of hardwood and tile flooring.

Drop by our Okanagan Hardwood Flooring showroom today, and let us show you our beautiful selection of cork flooring.  Click here to view a collection of some of our favourite projects, or visit the “We’re Proud of Our Work” section of our website.