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Cork | Styles

Cork Flooring is warm, comfortable, eco-friendly, an acoustic insulator -  but it is also a very versatile and beautiful addition to any home.  From the natural look of original cork to the sophisticated look of refined wood and slate, there is a cork flooring style for every style and taste.


  • Colour & Textures – from natural cork colourations to a wide spectrum of light to dark shades and surfacing styles that can recreate the look of hardwood and slate - the possibilities are endless. The colours and textures of cork flooring lend themselves to all types of interior design.  Modern, Traditional, Eclectic, Rustic, Minimalist, Industrial – and so many more.
  • Types – cork plank flooring is available in various widths, and cork tiles, including double-sided products that can be alternated, are available for creating unique patterns and looks.   
  • Durability & Benefits – cork is a durable product, and certain styles of cork flooring have additional benefits – extra water resistance, increased acoustical properties for noise reduction, thicker cork layers for added warmth.  Depending on what you are looking to achieve, there is a product to meet that need.  Some styles lend themselves to heavier use and are more water resistant than others.  In certain applications, an additional coat of finish can be applied to the surface, for extra protection and durability.
  • Environment – all the cork flooring styles that Okanagan Hardwood Flooring carries are environmentally friendly.  Sustainable practices in the harvesting of the cork, reduction in amounts of energy and materials required for manufacturing, to phthalate free finishing solutions – cork flooring is a truly green product.