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Natural Stone | Maintenance

By following the manufacturer's recommendations on proper care and maintenance, you will enhance the life and performance of your natural stone flooring. Consult your specific warranty for detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions.
General Guidelines:

  • SWEEP OR VACUUM REGULARLY – dirt and grit acts as an abrasive on your natural stone floor, causing its appearance to become dull and lifeless after time.  Use a soft broom, dust mop or a soft vacuum attachment without a beater bar or sharp edges that could scratch your floor.  Don’t use vacuum cleaners or attachments that are worn.  Vacuum at least once a week and dust mop or sweep in between vacuuming.
  • MOPPING - follow the manufacturer's guidelines for mopping, using the cleaning products that they recommend.  Damp mop at least once a week, paying attention to high traffic areas, to reduce abrasion from dirt and grit.
  • GLAZED STONE – use cleaning products approved by the manufacturer that are compatible with cleaning grout joints.  Soap scum, hard water deposits and mildew on bathroom or shower natural stone products will take extra care to remove. 
  • UNGLAZED STONE – use cleaning products approved by the manufacturer to safely remove spills, grease and oil. 
  • RINSE THOROUGHLY - after using a cleaning product, make sure that the area is rinsed completely with clear water, so there is no residue left behind. 
  • FLOOR MATS & PROTECTORS – for extra protection, use good quality floor mats in high traffic areas such as front and back doors to collect the dirt and grit that could track into your home, and abrade the surface of your natural stone.  Mats are also useful in front of kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities to reduce wear. 
  • REGULAR MAINTENANCE – if your natural stone becomes chipped or damaged, make sure that it is looked after quickly, as further damage can occur and affect the integrity of the surface or floor.  The damaged product should be removed and replaced.  If your natural stone has become dull and lifeless after years of wear and tear, consider professional cleaning to revive its lustre.
  • FOOTWEAR - do not walk on the floor with cleats or shoes with deep treads that may hold grit or stones that can cause permanent marks or scrapes.  Ensure that all footwear is properly wiped and dried before walking on your tile floors. 
  • PETS - trim pets' claws to avoid excess scratches, particularly on high gloss surfaces.

Click here to download our PDF for natural stone floor care.