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Natural Stone | Styles


  • Vibrant colours, unique textures, variations in batches.
  • Formed from compressed sedimentary layers.
  • Resistant to fading, scratches and stain resistant.
  • Seal regularly, minimal maintenance; natural slip resistance.
  • Layout prior to installation for desired pattern.
  • Used indoors and out, for many different applications.


  • A luxurious stone, makes a beautiful statement.
  • Formed from metamorphic rock, created by limestone deposits.
  • Distinctive large veins and a wide variety of colours.
  • Layout prior to installation for desired pattern.
  • Can be sealed to prevent scratches or damage from acids.
  • Requires special care and maintenance as it is a softer stone.


  • Beautiful and long lasting
  • Formed from igneous rock.
  • Distinctive and varied appearance.
  • Extremely hard and fairly resistant to acids; a strong and resilient stone.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Very popular natural stone, unique texture.
  • A sedimentary rock that is a form of limestone.
  • Beautiful range of beige and ivory colours.
  • Durable and can be sealed.
  • Options vary from rustic looks to clean and refined.
  • Used equally for flooring and wall treatments.


  • Contains more than 90% quartz, a wonderful alternative to marble.
  • Formed from the metamorphosis of sandstone.
  • Extremely hard and durable, heat and stratch resistant.
  • Has a smooth, glass-like appearance.
  • Iron oxides pattern quartzite with pink, red, or brown streaks.
  • Tiles range from one-half to one inch thick.


  • Rich in colour and lightweight, soft muted tones in ivories, whites, sage, grey and graphite.
  • Formed from sedimentary rock.
  • Some varieties have dramatic colours and distinct veining.
  • Varied degrees of hardness due to its granular composition.
  • Can be used for flooring, fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes as well as outdoor surfaces.
  • Performs well in high-traffic areas, easy maintenance.


  • A form of quartz.
  • Naturally beautiful translucent stone, unique contrasting colours run through.
  • A fragile stone, produced with a backing to give it strength.
  • Variation in colour in batches; layout tiles before installation for desired pattern.
  • Seal to prevent absorption of moisture.